معنی کلمه Account به فارسی

، vi ، vt : شمردن ، حساب کردن ، محاسبه نمودن ، حق حساب پس دادن ، ذکر علت کردن ، دلیل موجه اقامه کردن با for ، تخمین زدن ، دانستن ، نقل کردن ، n حساب ، صورت حساب ، گزارش ، بیان علت ، سبب
کارت حساب
متصدی رسیدگی به حساب مشتریها
شماره حساب
دفتر کل ، دفتر روزنامه ، دفتر حساب
حساب دارایی وسرمایه
حساب نقدی
حساب جاری بانکی
حساب هزینه ، صورت هزینه ، حساب خرج
پول محاسباتی
علی الحساب
انچه علی الحساب پرداخت می شود ، قسط
حساب سود و زیان
حساب پس انداز
حساب موجودی

مترادف Account

support , strength , partner , accident , chance , happening , foot , leg , paw , bottom , ground , end , account , part , power , peg , foundation , ped , pod , playmate
account , arithmetic , calculation , counting , tally , score , tab , tale
account , report , story , reportage , hearing , bruit , inkling , action , wrap-up
treatise , circumstance , account , story , description , explanation , exposition , statement , narrative , tale , innuendo , gloss , interpretation , presentment , relation , recitation , sketch , delineation , legend , footnote , geography
صورت حساب
account , bill , invoice , facture , tab
account , report , news , announcement , information , word , narration , notification , advice , notice , advertisement , manifest , predicate
account , story , narrative , anecdote , tale , allegory , exemplum , novella
occasion , ground , account , cause , reason , motive
بیان علت
account , story , narrative , tale , fiction , narration , apologue , fable , novella
حساب کردن
account , score , calculate , count , compute , numerate , figure , sum , cipher
rate , account , tally , count , enumerate , number , figure , reckon , aim , include , repute
محاسبه نمودن
حساب پس دادن
account , reckon
learn , account , know , knew , have , con , aim , adjudge , ascribe , cognize
مسئول بودن
ذکر علت کردن
دلیل موجه اقامه کردن
تخمین زدن
account , compute , estimate , appraise , guesstimate , foreshow , guess
نقل کردن
account , convey , quote , relate , transcribe , tell

معنی Account به انگلیسی

business agreement which allows use of something; formal business agreement in which a client is provided access to a computer system or Internet server (Computers, Internet); report; description; explanation
explain; give a report; cause; regard
account activity
changes or transactions in an account (in a bank, etc.)
account analysis
calculating the balance of an account and examination of past transactions
account book
book in which accounts are recorded
account closing
termination of an account (in a bank, etc.)
account data
information which appears in the records of a bank account
account executive
one who is authorized to manage a client's accounts (for a commission fee)
account for
give a report, be responsible (for deeds); explain, give an explanation
account in balance
account in which there is equality between the totals of the two sides
account limitation
account restriction, placing of restrictions on a bank account that had insufficient funds to cover checks
account line
account activity which has been recorded in a ledger
account localization
obtaining information concerning a specific bank account
account management fee
money paid to someone in order to handle financial accounts
account number
individual number assigned to all account holders which specifies which account belongs to them (at a bank, etc.)
account of events
record of things which have happened
Account Party
(Finance) person or party who applies to a bank or requests from other person to issue a letter of credit
account statement
detailed list of bank account activity (withdrawals, deposits, etc.)
account transaction
any activity within an account (at a bank, etc.)
account transaction recording
recording of account activity
active account
account currently being used or currently valid
Individual Retirement Account
tax-deferred trust fund into which individual employees can deposit part of their salaries for withdrawal after retirement, IRA
control account
general account that displays balances of specific accounts
beneficiary account
bank account set up for the benefit of someone else
blocked account
bank account which if forbidden to use
business account
bank account held by a company
capital account
recorded account of loans and investments
bank account
money deposited in a bank and credited to the depositor
a blow by blow account
account in great detail
charge account
customer's account with a creditor to which purchased goods or services are charged
charged on the account
paid for by
check account
checking account, bank account which is subject to withdrawal by check by the depositor
checking account
bank account in which one can draw money in checks
close an account
shut an account, make an account inactive
closed account
bank account from which withdrawals cannot be made
commercial account
bank account held by a business, business account
completion of account
paying off debts, payment
deposit account
savings account
asset management account
account which combines regular banking functions with investment activity allowing one bank statement that includes all financial activity
assigned account
bank account offered by the borrower as a guarantee that he will repay his loan
authorization to charge an account
permission to allow someone to bill your banking/checking account directly
expense account
account or list of expenses incurred in doing business outside of the office, account of expenses reimbursable to an employee
credit an account
deposit money into an account; charging against an account
current account
continuous or current bank account, checking account; international transactions of a country that arise from current flows
current drawing account
account which allows a withdrawal on a debit basis
current loan account
account which allows a withdrawal on a debit basis
current savings account
bank account held by an individual
custody account
securities account in a bank
hypothecated account
bank account held as a guarantee on the repayment of a loan
dormant account
bank account which has not been used for a long time
drawing account
bank account which allows sums of money to be regularly withdrawn
limited account
account whose checks a bank will not honor
foreign currency account
bank account containing foreign currency
frozen account
bank account temporarily restricted from transaction
give a full and particular account
provide with a detailed description
profit and loss account
accounting made of total monies made and lost
payment on account
payment made to an account, pay off an accumulated debt
numbered account
account in a foreign bank that is identified only by a number in order to protect the anonymity of its owner
pay an account
pay a bill
joint account
bank account that is shared by two or more owners
joint bank account
bank account that is shared by two or more owners
key account
bank account of a very important customer
private account
personal bank account, bank account who owner is a private individual
real account
list of activities in which the remaining balance appears on the statement
render an account
report, provide a detailed explanation
reserve account
surplus of income compared to expenses, total of accumulated profits, surplus money
statement of account
printout of activity and balance fluctuations in a bank account (or other account)
sequestered account
bank account which has been foreclosed by the authorities
settle an account
arrange or pay off a bank account; decide a dispute
settled an account
ended arrangements with a bank, closed accounts
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