معنی کلمه Badge به فارسی

نشان ، علامت ، امضاء و علامت برجسته و مشخص
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مترادف Badge

trace , attribute , tally , score , slur , benchmark , indication , token , aim , show , sign , seal , stamp , target , mark , marking , insignia , signal , emblem , symptom , brand , presage , track , banner , badge , clue , standard , ensign , vexillum , impress , hallmark , plaque , caret , chalk , cicatrix , symbol , vestige , medal , memento
امضاء و علامت برجسته و مشخص

معنی Badge به انگلیسی

put a tag on something, mark with a badge; market a product under brand names
tag; ensign; sign
air crew badge
insignia worn by a crew manning an aircraft
aviation badge
wing-shaped emblem worn by an air crew
combat infantry badge
award established in 1943 to be given to selected members of the American infantry for special recognition of their unique and difficult role as direct combat soldiers
marksman's badge
badge awarded to a soldier that has passed target shooting tests
parachutist badge
paratroopers wings, military symbol worn by paratroopers, metal symbol shaped like a parachutist with a wing on either side
shoulder badge
emblem worn on the shoulder indicating rank or position
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