معنی کلمه Critical به فارسی

بحرانی ، انتقادی ، وخیم ، نکوهشی
روش مسیر بحرانی
ارزش بحرانی
انتقاد کننده از خود

مترادف Critical

absolute , decisive , definite , definitive , certain , final , unconditional , critical , decretive , decretory , positive , categorical , sure , last , categoric , conclusive , deterministic , trenchant , decided , magistral , terminative , peremptory , uncompromising , irrevocable
acute , critical , exigent , climacteric , decretive , decretory
serious , critical , fatal , dire , crucial , tense , sthenic
critical , remonstrative

معنی Critical به انگلیسی

judgmental; important, crucial
critical age
middle age
critical angle
least angle of incidence for total reflection (Optics)
critical but stable condition
seriously ill or wounded without further threat to the condition
critical condition
crucial condition, very bad shape
critical mass
mass of nuclear fuel necessary necessary for a chain reaction to occur (Physics)
critical moment
decisive moment, moment of crisis
critical path
schedule of activities which must be completed by particular dates in order for an entire project to be completed on time
critical patient
hospital patient who is in very bad health, severely injured patient
critical philosophy
philosophical views of Emmanuel Kant (18th century German philosopher)
critical pressure
pressure of a gaseous substance when at the critical temperature
critical speed
dangerous speed; decisive speed
critical temperature
temperature above which a gas cannot be liquefied by exclusively by pressure (Physics)
critical value
maximum or minimal range for
critical writing
writing which expresses personal ideas and opinions on a subject
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