معنی کلمه Flash به فارسی

برق ، روشنایی مختصر ، یک ان ، لحظه ، بروز ناگهانی ، جلوه ، تشعشع ، برق زدن ، ناگهان شعله ور شدن ، زودگذشتن ، فلاش عکاسی
ورقه ای که روی ان کلمات یا اعداد یا تصاویری نوشته شده و معلم انرا برای زمان کوتاهی بشگردان نشان میدهد ، ورقه تمرین بصری
سیل برق اسا
مگس وحشراتی که گوشت میخورند
جایگاه دزدان ، دزدخانه ، جنده خانه
کوشش بیهوده ، جوشش انی وبی نتیجه
لامپ پر نور عکاسی
نوربرق درعکاسی شب ، چراه قوه
عکاسی شب بابرق
نقطه اشتعال

مترادف Flash

sparkle , flash , glint , glitter , resplendence , resplendency
spot , instance , minute , moment , instant , flash , second , trice
فلاش عکاسی
ray , radiance , radiation , flash , glare , radiancy , refulgence
روشنایی مختصر
یک ان
بروز ناگهانی
خود ستایی
flattery , gas , swank , gasconade , self-praise , swagger , braggadocio , buck , gassing , fanfaronade , splurge , flash , rodomontade , jactation , ostent , self-importance , self-applause , self-glorification , self-glory , vainglory
display , sight , show , seeming , parade , flourish , luster , flaunt , bravery , flash , showing , resplendence , resplendency
brilliance , power , sparkle , scintillation , shine , sheen , electricity , lightning , flash , glaze , glint , levin , flashover , pyrogen
flash , compact flash
برق زدن
light , wink , ray , luster , flash , coruscate , glisten , glitter , fulgurate , glister , scintillate
خطور کردن
strike , occur , flash , dawn upon , haunt
ناگهان شعله ور شدن
زود گذشتن

معنی Flash به انگلیسی

beam, gleam, flare; spark; brief news dispatch; outbreak; split-second; flash of a camera; showiness
flare, glare, sparkle; break out, erupt; move quickly; send a telegram; exhibit one's genitals in public (Slang)
sudden, occurring unexpectedly; ostentatious, showy, flashy
flash a glance
look at quickly
flash back
occurrence of a vivid memory; representation during the course of a movie or novel of an event that occurred at an earlier time
flash bulb
bulb which works for a very short period of time but gives off a dazzling light (used for taking photographs)
flash burn
burn caused by very brief exposure to intense radiant heat (characteristic of burn caused by atomic explosion)
flash drive
(Computers) disc on key, disk-on-key, USB drive, Plug and Play compact mobile device that uses flash memory and is light enough to carry on a key chain
flash eliminator
cylindrical piece attached to the muzzle of a weapon
flash flood
sudden flood, instantaneous flow of water that fills an area
flash in the pan
dramatic display that quickly fades into nothing
flash locator
device which pinpoints the location of flashes
flash memory
memory which is not erased when the power supply is cut off and which can be used to store data in a stable fashion
flash mob
crowd of people that appear in places determined in advance and do something briefly and dissipate within a matter of minutes or in a flash
flash of hope
small ray of hope, small or brief feeling of hope
flash point
lowest temperature at which a substance produces vapors that ignite immediately when subjected to a flame (Chemistry); critical point that causes change; situation that will likely become violent
flash rom
non-volatile memory that can be used as a substitute for storage on the hard drive
flash up
become excited, become agitated
Grandmaster Flash
(born 1958 as Joseph Saddler) American disc jockey and hip-hop musician
hot flash
sudden sensation of heat, sudden feeling of being hot
in a flash
instantly, immediately, in an instant
news flash
hot and/or brief newsworthy item
quick as a flash
extremely quick
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