معنی کلمه Information به فارسی

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مترادف Information

account , report , news , announcement , information , word , narration , notification , advice , notice , advertisement , manifest , predicate
knowledge , information , awareness , learning , notification , advice , notice , datum , know-how
assertion , news , information
information , case history , dossier , data
information , witting , data
information , data
information , evidence , search , investigation , inquiry , data , scouting , seeking , looking-for
information , witting

معنی Information به انگلیسی

knowledge, intelligence, data; act of providing knowledge; formal criminal charge presented by a public officer (Law)
information banks
knowledge banks, data storage centers
information booth
stand located in a public area that provides useful information to travelers tourists and visitors
information bureau
information office, intelligence service
information center
station or place that provides directions or other information
information coefficient
(Economics) correlation between the predicted stock return and the actual stock return (used as a basis to judge the skill and reliability of a financial advisor or analyst)
information compression
reduction of computerized information
information cost
price for searching guarding and analyzing information
information department
department which provides information
information design
structuring of information, creation of a format for information
information desk
place where certain information can be obtained
information disclosure
revealing of facts or data
information gap
insufficient amount of information, lack of information awareness
information highway
nickname for the global computer networks which make up the Internet
information office
information bureau
information officer
officer that provides information
information on aircraft landings
details about landing times of various aircraft
information pollution
desecration of an individual's life or of a culture resulting from making public too much information
information processing
process of going through the information
information query
request information via a terminal
information retrieval
systematic recovery of data from the memory bank of a computer
information service
bureau providing a particular type of information
information storage
saving of computerized information (as on a disk)
information superhighway
nickname for the global computer networks which make up the Internet
information system
system for gathering processing and presenting information
information technology
implementation of different branches of technology in information processing
information theory
theory of the likelihood of transmission of messages with clearly described accuracy when the bits of information comprising the messages are subject to transmission failure and distortion; (Computer science) theory based on statistics that deals with the limits and effectiveness of information processing
Business Information
BI, information technology that is applied to business
bonus information
extra information
channel of information
route through which information is conveyed, path of knowledge
classified information
sorted information, data which has been grouped
coded information
information which has been encrypted so people without the code can't read it
confidential information
privileged information, top secret facts
derogatory information
negative information
dig for information
search for information, look for information
digital information
digital data presented in numerical form
further information
additional details, more facts or data
divulged secret information
revealed confidential information, disclosed secret facts, leaked secrets
divulging confidential information
revealing secret information
divulging information
revealing information, disclosing facts
freedom of information
right to have access to information
filtered information
information that has been censored
giving information
handing over some information, passing along knowledge
crumbs of information
small bits of information, small items of knowledge
immediate information
information received without delay
inside information
internal information; secret knowledge known only by insiders (Economics)
internal information
insider information, exclusive corporate information on a public company
for your information
just so you know, for your own knowledge
mine of information
great source of knowledge, wealth of information
pick up information
acquire information
leak of information
disclosure of information
leakage of information
revealing of classified information
leaked information
classified information that was secretly revealed
privileged information
information known only by select individuals
providing information
giving information
request for information
(Business) request submitted by a company to potential suppliers before an official request for proposal (asking for information on the supplier's products and services)
selling information
distributing critical information in exchange for money
sensitive intelligence information
intelligence news that is classified
nutritional information
information on the package of manufactured food products listing ingredients and their food value
obtain vital information
get essential information
snippets of information
bit of information, small pieces of information
super-highway information
communication system used for connecting to a variety of technological systems
sources of information
origin of information, someone who knows things before anyone else
unverified information
knowledge that has not been confirmed as being authentic
verified information
data which is known to be correct and proven
vital information
essential information, information without which it is difficult to take action
vocal information
verbal information, vocal answering service
wisps of information
small bits of information, tidbits of news
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