معنی کلمه Male به فارسی

جنس نر ، مذکر ، مردانه ، نرینه ، نرین ، گشن
countertenor =
جرات مردانه
قوش جره
گ ، ش ، سرخس نر ، کیل دارو ، بسفایج
انجره ، گزنه نر
پرستار مرد انه مرد پرستار
گامت های عقیم وبی خاصیت نر

مترادف Male

جنس نر
johnny , male , tom
buck , male , bull , tom
courageous , manly , male , masculine , virile , mannish , manful
male , masculine
male , masculine , manlike
male , masculine
male , masculine

معنی Male به انگلیسی

person or animal of the male gender; man
of or pertaining to the male gender, masculine; made up of men
capital city of the Maldives
male answer syndrome
MAS, tendency of certain men to answer a question even when they don't know the answer
male chauvinism
excessive enthusiasm for the male sex
male chauvinist pig
man who thinks of women as inferior and discriminates against them by applying to them stereotyped ideas of female inadequacy
male child
son, offspring of the male gender, boy child
male choir
singing group made of only men
male connector
connection device which has pins which protrude beyond the surface of the connector
male ego
part of a man that is conscious of his environment; male conceit
male genitals
external male sexual organs
male image
masculine metaphor, likeness of a man
male or female
are you a man or a woman?
male palm-tree
palm tree which produces male flowers
male sexual organ
penis, male reproductive organ
male tramp
male wanderer, male vagabond; male unemployed person
unmarried sexual partner of a male
well-known to the public
اگر از نظر شما معنی این عبارت صحیح نیست، لطفا معنی پیشنهادی خود رو در این قسمت ثبت کنید.
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