معنی کلمه National به فارسی

ملی ، قومی ، وابسته به قوم یاملتی ، تبعه ، شهروند
گارد ملی
درامد ملی
باه ملی

مترادف National

citizen , national
vassal , national
national , familial , ethnic
popular , national , public
وابسته به قوم یاملتی

معنی National به انگلیسی

citizen; subject of a country (especially referring to people living abroad who are entitled to protection from their native country)
of or pertaining to a nation, of a country; of a land
national accounting
methods for calculation the gross national product (Economics)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
U.S. agency in charge of space programs
national airline company
official airline of a country
national anthem
song of praise or devotion for one's nation
national army
military force of a country
national asset
asset of permanent value belonging to a country, country's inalienable asset
National Association of Securities Dealers Automat
NASDAQ, one of the largest computerized stock organizations in the USA
national aviation company
largest and primary airline in a country
national camp
term for right-wing political parties as a whole
national catastrophe
public disaster, irreversible damage
National Center for Supercomputer Applications
NCSA, center for computer applications located at the University of Illinois that developed the first browser program (usually through chat)
national champion
person or team that won the national championship in a particular field
national championship
finals in a tournament, competition for a title of being the best of the nation
national circulation
countrywide distribution, distribution in all parts of a nation
national commission of inquiry
committee set up to investigate matters of national importance
national committee
committee made up of representatives from the whole nation
national consensus
national agreement
national convention
conference in which people or representatives from throughout a particular nation gather to debate (or vote, etc.) on a particular issue
National Day
national holiday; Independence Day
national day of mourning
day of countrywide mourning to commemorate a tragic occurrence
National Day of Prayer
Protestant holiday observed nationally for prayer for the nation and corporate repentance for sin (USA)
national debt
public debt, total debt of a nation
national defence service
military service
national defense service
military service
National Diet Library
Japan's largest national library located in Tokyo (equivalent of the U.S. Library of Congress)
National Diet of Japan
The Diet, Japan's legislature that consists of two houses (the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors)
national economy
economy of a country
national economy emergency system
system designed to provide essential services to an economy during wartime
national elections
nationwide elections, general elections in a country
national emergency
disaster that affects an entire country
National Enquirer
American tabloid magazine that is known for its sensational stories
national enterprise
enterprise supported by the government and treated as a high priority
National Federation of Israel Journalists
Israeli journalists association
National Federation of Labor
national organization of non-socialistic workers in Israel (established by Jabotinsky)
national flag
official flag of a country
National Football League
one of the two professional football leagues in the USA
national front
political parties in Israel which stands for nationalistic views
National Geographic
monthly American magazine devoted to nature and natural history (including culture, ecology, the sciences, etc.); cable television channel devoted to nature and natural history (broadcast worldwide)
national grid
countrywide network of electrical lines
national guard
type of military/police force that maintains public order in times of crisis
national health service
government medical services
National Hockey League
professional hockey league in the USA
national identity
personal definition of a country, character of a country
national income
total amount of income earned by the residents of a country in a specified amount of time
national income multiplier
index that determines the amount of change in gross national product as a result of a change in one unit of aggregate demand (Economics)
National Information Systems Security Conference
yearly professional conference dealing with issues related to computer data and information security (Computers), NISSC
national insurance
government agency which compensates for work-related injuries and pays unemployment wages and pension funds (to the elderly, veterans, etc.); payment provided by a government insurance agency
National Insurance Institute
Israel's social security program
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