معنی کلمه Negative به فارسی

negation= منفی ، خنثی کردن ، منفی کردن
فیلم منفی
منطق منفی
قطب منفی
مرور زمان مسقط
پرهیز از بد
حق رد ، رد ، منع ، رد کردن ، لایحه قانونی را رد کردن
د ، نفی اندر نفی ، دو منفی

مترادف Negative

negative , minus , nugatory
negative , privative
غیر مثبت
abdacting , depriving , negative , privative , subtractive
خنثی کردن
negative , annul , nullify , cancel , undo , stultify , neuter , thwart , neutralize , negate , frustrate , counteract , foil , offset , counterbalance , countervail , discomfit
منفی کردن
negative , deduct , negate

معنی Negative به انگلیسی

negation; negative word; refusal, denial; image from which a picture is obtained in which black and white colors appear reversed (Photography)
deny, veto; refute, disprove; negate; reject
pessimistic, cynical, antagonistic; denying, contrary; of a quantity less than zero; having fewer protons than electrons (Physics)
negative acknowledgement
character or message sent by a receiving modem to a sending modem to indicate that a data packet has arrived incomplete and must be re-sent, NAK (Computers, Telecommunications)
negative ad
advertisement (esp. a political advertisement) that does not promote the positive qualities of one person/product but rather attacks and exposes the faults of another person/product
negative answer
negative reply, answer that is not positive
negative approach
negative treatment, approach which is not positive
negative aspects
downsides, unfavorable parts
negative attitude
attitude which expresses denial or refusal, opposing relation
negative campaign
political campaign in which a candidate or party member does not promote his own positive qualities but rather attacks and exposes the faults of his rivals
negative capital
condition in which there are huge losses of capital from stocks and funds
negative charge
negative electricity, type of charge carried by an electron
negative clause
part of a sentence used to indicate negative (Grammar)
negative command
order not to do
negative commandment
order not to do
negative criticism
giving of a negative evaluation, vote on defects or faults
negative electricity
negative charge, type of charge carried by an electron
negative emotion
bad feeling, feeling that is not positive
negative energy
force that is not directed toward positive channels, destructive energy
negative feedback
negative reinforcement, criticism, negative response
negative figure
unfavorable likeness, unfavorable image; total that is less than zero
negative G
negative acceleration, deceleration
negative income tax
payment made by a country to a citizen in order to provide him with the minimum income
negative influence
power to effect things in an undesirable or negative way; something or someone that has an undesirable effect
negative injection
change that reduces the amount of money in the economy
negative interest
condition in which the nominal rebate is lower than the rate of inflation
negative ions
atoms which carry a negative electrical charge
negative note
unfavorable trace, unfavorable note
negative number
number that is less than zero, minus
negative outcome
bad outcome, poor results
negative pledge
promise not to mortgage property
negative pole
pole of a magnet which carries a negative electrical charge
negative precept
religious law that prohibits a Jew from doing a particular deed
negative reinforcement
reaction of placing and then removing all discomfort as a method of encouraging the continuation of the desired behavior
negative reinforcer
removal of an unpleasant stimulus as a method of encouraging the continuance of a certain behavior
negative result
negative outcome, result that is not desired
negative sign
minus sign, the sign -
negative stigma
shameful element, mark of disgrace
negative trade balance
(International Trade) condition created when there are more goods imported than exported
negative trait
unpleasant characteristic, negative quality
negative yield
loss, lack of proceeds, negative return
in the negative
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