معنی کلمه Pending به فارسی

درطی ، درمدت ، تازمانی که ، امر معلق ، متکی

مترادف Pending

تا زمانی که
حرف اضافه
در طی
during , pending
در مدت
within , for , during , pending

معنی Pending به انگلیسی

imminent, impending; awaiting decision, undecided; incomplete, unfinished
until, up to that time that -; during
pending charge
criminal charge which has not yet been handed down
pending decision
until the decision comes in
pending final settlement
the final calculation has not yet been made, the full portion is not yet ready
pending investigation
investigation which is still in progress
patent pending
a request for a patent has been filed but the patent has not yet been issued
اگر از نظر شما معنی این عبارت صحیح نیست، لطفا معنی پیشنهادی خود رو در این قسمت ثبت کنید.
افزونه دیکشنری و مترجم فایرفاکس و کروم
فروشگاه آنالی
لوکسین شاپ سامانه ارسال پیامک پیام نگار نرم افزاری مریم
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