pick up

معنی کلمه pick up به فارسی

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مترادف pick up

بهبودی یافتن
gain , improve , ameliorate , better , amend , recover , recuperate , pick up , convalesce , mend , pull round
cut , trim , lop , arrange , set , pick up , pluck , pick , mow , pull , pare , clip , crop , flunk , pick over , snip , skive , tear away
remove , take , raise , lift , pick up , delete
بلند کردن
steal , remove , rear , raise , enhance , extol , lift , heave , pick up , elevate , exalt , pedestal , ennoble , heighten , enthrone , heft , hoist , hoist up , throw up , upraise
سرعت گرفتن
speed , pick up , race

معنی pick up به انگلیسی

pick up
grasp and lift; gather, obtain; hurry up, gain speed; improve; straighten, tidy (Colloquial); approach someone with an offer of romantic involvement (Informal); resume after an intermission; buy, get (e.g.: "We are out of milk, on your way home from work can you pick up a carton of milk?")
pick up a living
barely earn enough money to support oneself
pick up information
acquire information
pick up line
premeditated conversation starter intended to romantically interest someone
pick up one's crumbs
be encouraged, take hope with what remains of a situation
pick up the tab
pay the bill
pick up the thread of
renew a connection
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