معنی کلمه Relationship به فارسی

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مترادف Relationship

affinity , connection , attachment , association , dependence , dependency , coherence , coherency , affiliation , interdependence , vassalage , pertinence , pertinency , relation , relationship , contiguity , kindred , connexion , interdependency
format , connection , scale , proportion , relation , bearing , ratio , relationship , respect , blood , cognation , kinship , connexion , rapport
middle , median , center , relationship , relations
relationship , cognation , kinship , familial ties
connection , coherence , coherency , correlation , relation , relationship , relevance , communication , correspondence , relevancy , connexion , liaison , correspondency , hookup , intercommunication
connection , reason , motive , urge , relation , relationship , persuasive , rapport
friendship , intercourse , relationship
proximity , relationship , immixture kindred , propinquity
relationship , kinship , kin , propinquity , sib

معنی Relationship به انگلیسی

emotional connection that exists between two people; connection, association; closeness, kinship
relationship between cause and effect
connection between a cause and a result, link between the source and the outcome
blood relationship
relationship by bloodline, relationship by a common ancestor
broke off the relationship
ended a relationship, cut off contact, stopped a friendly relation
building a relationship
developing a bond or association, fostering a relationship
business relationship
connection made or maintained because of business interactions
close relationship
firm relations, very warm and friendly kinship
established a relationship
created a relationship, brought about a relationship, built up a connection (with someone or some organized group)
fabric of a relationship
basis of a relationship, style of a relationship, manner in which a relationship is managed
good business relationship
work well together
kinship relationship
family relationship, relation between family members
had a relationship
associated with, had an affair with, dated, was close to, was friendly with, was intimate with
interpersonal relationship
relationship between persons, relations between individuals
intimate relationship
close relationship, strong bond
long-distance relationship
interpersonal relationship (often romantic) in which the two people live very far from one another
permanent relationship
lasting relationship with a person
striking up a relationship
becoming acquainted through conversation, making friends
trust relationship
relationship between a trustee and beneficiary; relationship of dependability and confidence
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