معنی کلمه Screen به فارسی

پرده ، پرده سینما ، صفحه تلویزیون ، غربال ، دیوار ، تخته حفاظ ، تور سیمی ، پنجره توری دار ، الک کردن ، غربال کردن ، تور سیمی نصب کردن به در وپنجره ، روی پرده سینمایا تلویزیون نمایش دادن
ز ، ع ، - امر ، سینما ، پرده سینما
پرده دود ، موجب تاریکی وابهام
شیشه جلواتومبیل

مترادف Screen

veil , screen , toile , hangover , vintner , wine merchant
پرده سینما
screen , silver screen
صفحه تلویزیون
تور سیمی
تخته حفاظ
پنجره توری دار
buckler , aegis , shield , bumper , fender , buffer , shock absorber , screen , targe , escutcheon , scutcheon
blind , veil , screen , curtain , membrane , pall , tympan , tympanum , patagium , window shade
brattle , chaffer , screen , bolt , riddle , bolter , harp
chaffer , screen , riddle , bolter , sieve , harp , cribble , ethmoid bone
enclosure , bulwark , fence , wall , bulkhead , screen , curtain
الک کردن
garble , bunt , screen , sieve , sift
روی پرده افکندن
تور سیمی نصب کردن

معنی Screen به انگلیسی

part of a television or computer monitor where the picture is displayed; surface onto which films are projected; partition, divider; mesh for covering the openings of windows and doors; sieve, strainer; shelter, defense; camouflage, cover
cover with a curtain; filter, sift; hide, conceal; separate, divide; protect, shield; project a film, show a movie
screen capture
saving a copy of the screen display as a file
screen door
door made from mesh to allow air to flow through
screen grid
mesh, screen that is full of air holes
screen off
build a partition, separate
screen out
remove, filter, sift
screen saver
program which turns off the monitor when it is not being used
screen shot
screen capture, computerized picture of the screen displayed on a computer monitor (Computers)
screen test
short film made to test an actor's suitability for a cinematic role
screen time
time that is allocated for a television program or for each of its participants to be seen on the screen
TV screen
television screen, part of a television set where the image is shown
The Big Screen
movie screen, large screen used for showing motion pictures in a cinema
color screen
computer display in color
fire screen
protective metal screen placed in front of a fireplace, fireguard
flat screen
flat computer screen, computer screen that has no cathode tubes as in laptop computers
monochrome screen
computer screen which can only display one color (usually green or brown)
help screen
screen which explains to the user ways and difficulties in a program
print screen
key on a computer keyboard that is pressed in order to take a "picture" of the screen display and store it in memory (Windows) or send it to a local printer (DOS)
protect screen
special screen which filters out radiation emitted from a computer monitor
radar screen
screen which displays information gathered by radar
silver screen
large surface for showing cinematic movies; movies, movie industry
smoke screen
thick fog that forms due to an explosion; misleading, diversion, deceptive screen
splash screen
(Computers) initial screen that appears while a computer program is loading or when opening a program and generally contains a logo or author credits or a copyright message and may also contain the contact information for the software company
split screen
method of working in which a screen is split into several windows with different documents in each window
sun screen
protection against the sun; filter against the suns harmful rays
video screen
special surface onto which videos are projected
touch screen
screen used as an input device by identifying the place on a screen that has been touched
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