معنی کلمه Seal به فارسی

ج ، ش ، خوک ابی ، گوساله ماهی ، مهر mhor ، نشان ، تضمین ، مهر کردن ، صحه گذاشتن ، مهر و موم کردن ، بستن ، درزگیری کردن
توسط پلیس محاصره کردن ، ممنوع الورود کردن ، مهروموم کردن
خاتم ، انگشتر خاتم
خوک دریایی خزدار
مهر سلطنتی
ج ، ش ، خوک پرموی بی گوش
خز موش صحرایی امریکا
مهر شخصی پادشاه انگلیس
(گ .ش .) مهر سلیمان
گ ، ش ، مهر سلیمان

مترادف Seal

seal , mosaic
سوگند ملایم
profession , vow , seal , pledge , sacrament
خوک ابی
گوساله ماهی
seal , assurance , security , embodiment , warranty , guaranty , collateral
affection , liking , love , seal , stamp , signet , cachet , impress , punch , sigil
trace , attribute , tally , score , slur , benchmark , indication , token , aim , show , sign , seal , stamp , target , mark , marking , insignia , signal , emblem , symptom , brand , presage , track , banner , badge , clue , standard , ensign , vexillum , impress , hallmark , plaque , caret , chalk , cicatrix , symbol , vestige , medal , memento
close , truss , attach , ban , impute , bar , stick , connect , colligate , bind , hitch , seal , clog , assess , tie up , choke , shut , shut down , block , fasten , belt , bang , pen , shut off , tighten , blockade , hasp , clasp , knit , jam , wattle , plug , congeal , curdle , curd , jell , lock , coagulate , cork , spile , picket , padlock , ligate , obturate , occlude , portcullis , posset , switch on
بتونه کاری کردن
prime , seal , caulk , calk , putty
مهر زدن
frank , seal , stamp , imprint , impress , sigillate
درزگیری کردن
seal , lute
مهر و موم کردن
seal , stamp , seal off
مهر کردن
seal , signet
محکم چسباندن
صحه گذاشتن

معنی Seal به انگلیسی

any of several species of carnivorous marine mammals from the suborder Pinnipedia; imprint; stamp, insignia; material used to tightly close an opening or object; mark, symbol; sign of approval or authorization
fasten, secure, close tightly; imprint, stamp; approve, authorize; determine, set, decide
seal a breakthrough
sign a deal that paves a new path, close a deal that creates new opportunities
seal a road
close a road against passage
seal hole
air hole in a ship
seal of approval
formal signature, permission, authorization
seal ring
something used to stamp a document and make it official
SEAL team
special military team trained for difficult combat conditions on all terrain
Lord Privy Seal
appointee to a ceremonial post guarding the national seal
affixing a seal
attaching a seal
common seal
official seal or stamp
harbor seal
small grayish black seal found on the coasts of the northern hemisphere
privy seal
privacy seal, privacy stamp
state seal
official logo of a state or nation
set one's seal
sign with the use of an official seal
oil seal
(Automotive) round metal disk covered in rubber or plastic with a center hole used to prevent grease and oil from leaking out
one way seal
rubber band that allows a substance to pass only in one direction
solomon's seal
plant that belongs to the lily family with bell-like drooping greenish or yellow flowers; Star of David, six-pointed symbol that looks like a star formed by two overlapping triangles to form a hexagram
rubber seal
gasket made from rubber
water seal
water that seals a pipe to prevent the escape of nasty smells
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