معنی کلمه Sweat به فارسی

خوی ، عرق کردن ، عرق ، عرق ریزی ، مشقت کشیدن
درکلاه زغره
عرق گیر
تش ، غده عرق
بازحمت حریف را از میدان بدر کردن
شلوار ورزش
عرق گیر ، پلوور نخی

مترادف Sweat

addiction , nature , character , habit , custom , affection , temper , temperament , propensity , bent , sweat , perspiration , strain , squint , slobber , slabber , proclivity , saliva
arrack , sweat , perspiration , distillate , brandy , vodka , transudation
عرق ریزی
sweat , perspiration
عرق کردن
sweat , perspire
مشقت کشیدن
خیس عرق شدن
water , sweat , bathe in sweat , perspire , stream with perspiration , sweat like pig

معنی Sweat به انگلیسی

perspiration, moisture excreted by the sweat glands; act of perspiring; droplets of moisture on a surface, condensation; hard work; worry, stress, anxiety (Informal)
perspire; work hard; collect moisture from condensation; worry, be concerned
sweat blood
work very hard
sweat bullets
be extremely nervous or agitated, be very anxious
sweat gland
part of the body which releases sweat
sweat glands
external excreting glands that are responsible for excreting perspiration
sweat lodge
building in which cool water is poured over hot stones to create a steam bath (used for ritual purification by American Indians)
sweat pores
holes in the body out of which sweat is released
sweat shirt
long sleeved shirt often worn before and after sports
sweat suit
sports outfit comprised of a sweatshirt and sweatpants
sweat with fear
perspire due to fright
break a sweat
begin to perspire; work hard, exert oneself
cold sweat
sweat which is excreted even though a person feels cold
beads of sweat
drops of perspiration
covered with sweat
spread all over with perspiration
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