معنی کلمه Throw به فارسی

پرتاب ، انداختن ، پرت کردن ، افکندن ، ویران کردن
دور انداختن ، اشغال ، چیز دورانداخته ، چیز بی مصرف
ترقی وپیشرفت را عقب انداختن ، باعک تاخیر شدن ، رجعت ، برگشت به خصال نیاکان
سبب افتادن شدن ، طرد کردن ، رد کردن
دورانداختن ، بیرون دادن ، فرار کردن از تعقیب کنندگان
بیرون انداختن
ترک کردن
بلند کردن ، کناره گیری کردن از ، قی کردن ، -

مترادف Throw

put , toss , projection , shy , tilt , jet , pitch , shove , throw , fling , casting , hurl , jaculation , pounce
ویران کردن
desolate , destroy , harry , ravage , rubble , throw , demolish , havoc , raze , devastate , ruinate , kayo , knockout
پرت کردن
precipitate , toss , shy , launch , throw , fling , hurl , hurtle , flounce , jaculate
پرتاب کردن
pelt , slog , project , sling , lunge , thrust , pitch , shove , throw , hurl , shoot , skeet , jaculate
drop , relegate , souse , put , hitch , toss , launch , cast , sling , thrust , lay away , fell , throw , fling , hurl , hurtle , delete , omit , shovel , hew , jaculate
give , shed , cast , throw , droop , fling , quoit , up-end

معنی Throw به انگلیسی

toss; scarf
cast, toss; give birth to young (about animals); amaze, astonish
throw a firebomb
throw an explosive, throw a molotov cocktail
throw a fit
explode in emotions, be divorced
throw a monkey wrench into something
cause something to fail
throw a new light on
provide a new way of understanding, reveal another aspect of -
throw a party
have a celebration, hold a social gathering for friends and family
throw a spanner in the works
stop the gears, cause activity to stop
throw a spanner into the plans
spoil a plan, sabotage a plan
throw a sprat to catch a mackerel
give up a little in order to gain a lot
throw about money
waste money, squander money
throw away
cast, toss; waste, squander
throw away the scabbard
leave a war, stop fighting in a war
throw cares to the wind
stop worrying, give up one's worries and be carefree
throw cold water
dampen the excitement, kill the joy
throw cold water on
pour cold water on, discourage, deter; dampen the excitement, kill the joy; be discouraging about
throw down the glove
invite to a duel, challenge to a duel
throw dust in a person's eyes
lead someone astray, misguide someone
throw dust in people's eyes
deceive, mislead
throw in
add in something for free, give something free of charge, put in a good word
throw in one's lot with
participate in -, take part in -, identify with -
throw in the towel
give up, concede
throw into confusion
cause chaos, cause disorder
throw into the scale
weigh something, place something on the scale
throw into the shade
place in the shade, place in a location that is protected from the sun
throw light on
clarify, brighten
throw money
waste money, not use money efficiently
throw mud at
degrade, criticize, slander
throw off
get rid of, free oneself from; mislead, misdirect; cause a diversion (used in combination, e.g. "The robber used a disguise to throw the policemen off his trail.")
throw off one's mask
expose oneself, remove one's disguise
throw on
get dressed quickly
throw one off the scent
mislead, lead astray, deceive
throw oneself into
start energetically, buckle down (to work)
throw oneself on the mercy of
ask for compassion from, seek pity from
throw oneself upon
place a burden on, put a load on; force oneself to, compel oneself to
throw open
open wide
throw out
reject; take out; throw in the garbage, put in the garbage; discard
throw out of gear
press the clutch; confuse, bewilder
throw out the child along with the bath
give up the good with the bad
throw sand in the eyes
throw dust in the eyes of, deceive, confuse someone via deception
throw stones at
throw rocks at, hurl stones at
throw the book at
quarrel with someone and treat them harshly
throw the door open
open a door with excessive force
throw the rope in after the bucket
the situation was lost, there was no way to solve the problem
throw to the dogs
desert, abandon
throw to the wolves
make a sacrifice in order to escape a difficult situation
throw up
vomit; remove from being among; give up; build rapidly
discus throw
sporting event involving the tossing of a metal disk as far as possible
it is your throw
it's your turn
stone's throw
nearby, very close
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