معنی کلمه Tomb به فارسی

گور ، ارامگاه ، قبر ، در گرو قرار دادن ، مقبره
گورصندوقی وتخت

مترادف Tomb

country , ground , land , earth , soil , grave , tomb , territory , clod , dirt , dust , glebe
bier , tomb , mausoleum , monument , sepulcher , graveyard , sepulture , tumulus
bier , tomb , sepulcher , sepulchre
tomb , cemetery
grave , tomb , sepulcher , sepulchre
tomb , sepulcher , sepulchre
در گرو قرار دادن

معنی Tomb به انگلیسی

vault, grave
Tomb of Joseph
region in Shechem where legend claims that Joseph is buried
Tomb of Rachel
area in Bethlehem where legend claims that Rachel is buried
tomb of Shimon Bar Yochai
site on Mount Meron where it is said that Shimon Bar Yochai is buried
tomb of the unknown soldier
symbolic tomb and commemorative tombstone in honor of those fallen soldiers whose actual burial place is unknown (in the U.S. state of Virginia at Arlington Cemetery)
Tomb Raider
movie produced in 2001 starring Angelina Jolie
Absalom's tomb
monument near the Kidron River (Israel) which is traditionally considered to be the tomb of King David's son Absalom
Rachel's Tomb
location near Bethlehem that is believed to be the burial site of the Biblical Rachel
ancestral tomb
place where family members are buried
Joseph's Tomb
region in Shechem where legend claims that Joseph is buried
as silent as a tomb
deathly quiet, completely silent
chamber tomb
room where people are buried
from the womb to the tomb
from birth to death, in a lifetime
violate a tomb
desecrate a burial place
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