معنی کلمه Trend به فارسی

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مترادف Trend

hang , addiction , inclination , appetence , appetency , disposition , liking , tendency , sentiment , trend , would , leaning , turn , anxiety , nisus , gust , gravitation , roll , streak , tilt , inclining , recumbency , fantasy , preoccupation , tenor , declination , yen , proclivity
inspiration , orientation , tendency , trend , propensity , attitude , tropism , gravitation , ism

معنی Trend به انگلیسی

tendency, course, bearing; fashion, mode
slope, incline towards, stretch; have a tendency for; veer in a certain direction
trend analysis
analysis of the general movement or tendency
Trend Micro, Inc.
Japanese developer and manufacturer of security goods and services for computers and Internet
trend scout
person who looks for and discovers new trends
clear trend
obvious tendency, clear direction
downside trend
gradual decline in the stock quotation index
neutral trend
upward trend in certain stocks and a downward trend in others
upside trend
gradual increase in the rate of a meter in a taxi
اگر از نظر شما معنی این عبارت صحیح نیست، لطفا معنی پیشنهادی خود رو در این قسمت ثبت کنید.
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