تلفظ Zip
تلفظ Zip به آمریکاییUs: /ˈzɪp/
تلفظ Zip به انگلیسیUk: /zɪp/

معنی Zip به فارسی

فشار ، انرژی ، زیپ ، زیپ لباس را کشیدن ، زیپ دار کردن ، با سرعت وانرژی حرکت کردن ، زور ، نیرو
کد پستی

مترادف Zip

gut , strength , might , energy , force , power , pep , breath , vigor , blood , brawn , thrust , tuck , zip , vim , leverage , tonus , puissance , vis
strength , might , energy , force , violence , power , vivacity , hustle , zing , strain , vigor , pressure , thrust , push , dint , tuck , zip , vim , stunt , vis
might , energy , zing , vigor , zip , vim
zip , zipper
زیپ لباس را کشیدن
زیپ دار کردن
با سرعت و انرژی حرکت کردن

معنی کلمه Zip به انگلیسی

(Computers) extension ZIP, extension of an archived file compressed with the ZIP program; ZIP drive, type of drive using removable disks
zero, nothing, zilch (Slang); whistling or hissing sound; energy, vigor, speed, swiftness; zipper
move with a sharp hissing sound; move or accomplish speedily; fasten with a zipper; add zest, enliven; archive one or more files by means of a data compression format (Computers)
zip code
area code, coded number which is meant to speed up mail delivery by facilitating easy identification of particular areas or regions
zip drive
type of removable disk drive
zip extension
extension for an archive file compressed by the program ZIP
zip fastener
zip file
compressed computer file (that has the extension .zip)
zip format
structure of files compressed by the program ZIP
zip your lips
give your word not to tell what you just heard; keep something in confidential
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